Hello, I’m Craig, a Certified Wellness Facilitator, and the creator of Anxiety Easing. 

I help people find relief from the burden of chronic anxiety.

I bring together my personal experience with anxiety, along with decades of mindfulness meditation, and a range of healing and wellness methodologies. 

My sessions help you clarify your goals, create and follow through on realistic action steps, and adjust where needed. I offer conversation, care, and support for the challenges and celebrations of the healing journey. 

If you’re inspired to make some changes, let’s talk and see if I can be of help. 

Let’s find the solutions best suited for you.

A key part of the process is helping you find the combination of resources and lifestyle changes that are most effective for your particular situation. Rather than a formulaic and rigid approach, I draw from a range of methods and traditions.

Each of us is unique, so naturally how we move back into balance and heal anxiety will also be unique. Finding the tools that are just right for you is a matter of tuning in and listening. I’ll help you with that, and put myself out a job by helping you learn to do it without me.

If you doubt you can change, consider this recipe:

How to Get from A to B

  • Small Steps Over Time = Lasting Change: Research shows that making small steps over time is highly effective in achieving sustainable, lasting change.
  • Recalibration: We’re not trying to take on “even more” things to do. Rather it’s a matter of tweaking how you use your time and energy.
  • Patience: We can’t push or make demands of life. You probably already know that when you try to, life pushes back twice as hard.
  • Strengths and Resources: You have lots of them, everyone does. With awareness and practice you can learn to bring these to the forefront your life.
  • Love: Love is the foundation, the path, and the result of all healing journeys. Even if you have lost touch with it, this natural strength has never abandoned you for even an instant. 

Chronic anxiety can feel like a prison, and it makes it hard to simply enjoy your life.

But you can get unstuck.

Through a wealth of research and experience we now know how mind, body, and behavior become cross-wired through various traumas and stressors. Fortunately, research and experience has also given us the knowledge and methods to unwind the kinks and restore natural, balanced functioning. 

Arrange a complimentary 20 minute call to learn more.

Details About the Process


  • Initial 20 minute consultation is free
  • 30 minute sessions are $50 USD
  • 50 minute sessions are $85 USD


Payment can be made with Paypal or credit card, or if those don’t work we can use another compatible method.


The free consultation is scheduled through email. After that I use a simple and efficient online booking system.


Sessions are done online with Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or Whatsapp. We can also use telephone if that’s easier.

Other Details

Before your first paid session I’ll send more details about our work together, along with two forms to complete.

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