Rebalancing Your Life

Our our state of mind, our body, our brain, and our day to day life are all part of an integral whole. Furthermore, everything affects everything else. This whole-person approach is fundamental in order to achieve significant, lasting change.

Through a wealth of research and experience we now know how our systems becomes cross-wired through a range of traumas and stressors. Fortunately, research and experience has also given us the knowledge and methods to help restore our natural balanced functioning. This is a gradual process that happens over time and involves:

  • increasing mindfulness and awareness
  • reawakening our natural “connectivity” with ourself, with the world, and with other people
  • learning to engage with difficult sensations, thoughts, and emotions
  • re-embodying our natural strengths and resources, and
  • shifting your life energy more and more toward meaning and joy

Finding What Works Best for You

A central aspect of the Integral Anxiety Easing process is to help you find the combination of practices and lifestyle changes that will be most effective for you. Rather than a formulaic and rigid approach, Craig draws on wisdom and practices from a spectrum of methods and traditions.

These include neuroplasticity science and techniques, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, body-mind healing processes, Focusing, Hakomi Integrative Somatics, meditation and compassion practices, and range of other healing and well-being methods. Once again though, the key is to help you figure out what will be the best approach for you and your unique situation.

Key Principles

Even though the process of healing and recovering balance progresses differently for everyone, still there are some key principles that apply generally for most people:

  • Recalibration. We’re not trying to take on “even more” things to do. Rather, it’s a matter of tweaking how you use your time, energy and thought processes.
  • Small Steps Over Time = Lasting Change.
  • Patience: We can’t push or make demands of life. You may already know that when you try to, life pushes back twice as hard.
  • Empowerment. This is not an empty new age concept, but a natural part of who we are. We all have power – we are powerful. Empowerment is simply remembering that and letting it flow through our life.
  • Love: Love is the foundation, the path, and the fruition of all healing journeys. Even if we have lost touch with it, the healing balm of unconditional love is always there. With practice we can rediscover this precious gem of life.

Integral Anxiety Easing is the practice of Craig Mollins, Certified Wellness Coach. His sessions offer guidance and support, along with a broad spectrum of tools to help you achieve your anxiety easing and wellness goals.

  • Are you suffering from chronic anxiety, and related problems and limitations?
  • Have you tried different methods without experiencing significant or lasting relief?
  • Are you ready for change but don’t know the best way to move forward?

Arrange a complimentary 20 minute call to learn more.

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