Rebalance your life, and ease anxiety right at the source.

Anxiety Easing can help you unwind struggles at levels of mindbody, and behavior, while at the same time helping you bring your natural strengths front and center in your life.


Chronic anxiety comes from two main sources: accumulated stress, and difficult or traumatic situations at particular times in the past. But we don’t need to remain stuck in recycled habits: there are ways to heal and restore balance. 


Dysfunctional patterns are built atop a system that is naturally balanced, resourceful and whole – we are innately well. Letting go of old patterns and developing new ones is a gradual process that happens through support, commitment and time. 

Integral Anxiety Easing is the practice of Craig Mollins, Certified Wellness Coach. His sessions offer guidance and support, along with a broad spectrum of tools to help you achieve your anxiety easing and wellness goals.

  • Are you suffering from chronic anxiety, and related problems and limitations?
  • Have you tried different methods without experiencing significant or lasting relief?
  • Are you ready for change but don’t know the best way to move forward?

Arrange a complimentary 20 minute call to learn more.

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