Ease your anxiety right at the source.

It’s hard to ease anxiety by fighting anxiety. A better approach is to cultivate a more balanced and meaningful life, one step at a time.


Chronic anxiety comes from two main causes: accumulated stress, and difficult or traumatic situations from the past. Dysfunctional patterns develop and we find it difficult to relax. However our basic ground state is creative and resourceful, and there are ways to heal and restore balance.


Easing anxiety is a process of softening old patterns, and bringing our natural strengths front and centre in our life. As we become more aware of thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we make friends with our experience, and our allegiance shifts from struggle to a more creative approach to life.

Anxiety Easing is the practice of Craig Mollins, Certified Wellness Coach. His sessions offer guidance and support, along with a broad spectrum of tools to help you achieve your anxiety easing and wellness goals.

  • Are you struggling with chronic anxiety, and related problems and limitations?
  • Have you tried different methods without experiencing significant or lasting relief?
  • Are you ready for change but don’t know the best way to move forward?

Arrange a complimentary 20 minute call to learn more.

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